Specialist Mapping

As well as our own mapping and Ordnance Survey MasterMap we are able to supply more specialist mapping for professionals.

Height Data can be supplied as either DTM or DSM and is available from OS Terrain5, Atkins LiDAR or Intermap and resolutions of 100cm upwards. (Pricing starts at £10)

Ariel Imagery (NOT Satellite or Google images) are available from several publishers including Ordnance Survey, GetMapping, Bluesky & GeoPerspectives. Resoultion from 12.5cm and pricing from £7. File formats .jpeg or .pdf

Enviromental reports, including Flood Risk & Coal reports, are available.

Geological mapping at scales of both 1/10000 and 1/50000 are available with pricing starting at £10 depending on product.

There are many other specialist mapping files that we can supply. If you are require more information, please call 01475 689242 and we can discuss your requirements.

For further information contact:
T. 01475 689242